Katie, founder of The Hidden Sanctuary, trained in Bali, Indonesia, for over 2 months; a country that has embraced massage for centuries.

Katie, founder, outside Prambanan Temple

The movement and infiltration of people from Indo-China and Malaysia saw the Indonesian’s observing and selecting different massage techniques, Hindus from India brought healing massage, Buddhists from China brought acupressure. The Indonesians integrated these elements and developed their own style that has since been handed down from generation to generation, and more recently to Katie. Consequently, The Hidden Sanctuary’s treatments have a very unique feel.


The belief that massage helps the body eliminate disease, regain balance and ensures continued good health, makes massage Indonesia’s primary point of medical care. Learning and adopting different techniques from Balinese men and women who have healing in their ancestral lineage was one of the most humbling experiences. Healing energy, pressure point massage, acupressure and reflexology is very much part of The Hidden Sanctuary’s style today.


Bali is beautiful country, incredible people who give you everything when they have nothing. The Hidden Sanctuary has adopted a phrase heard a lot out in Indonesia - ‘Bhinneka Tunggal ika’, meaning unity in diversity, Indonesia is extremely rich in culture and there is no judgement or prejudice. They live sustainably reducing their impact on this earth, something The Hidden Sanctuary strives to do. All our coconut oil, essential oils and Made for Life Organics by Spezia facial products come in glass jars and are 100% recyclable and available to purchase.



A real hidden sanctuary

The Hidden Sanctuary is committed to giving professional treatments that reflect Indonesia’s rich culture anchored in respect. Combining this awareness of the mind, body and spirit, balances client’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs in every treatment given, a very powerful combination… come and see for yourself, our team of highly skilled therapists are waiting for you.

The Hidden Sanctuary Wellness Retreat
Made for Life by Spezia Organics
Flower water for Balinese Bliss


Affiliated therapists


Naomi Dawson

Naomi qualified over 10 years ago in Holistic Massage before going on to study sports massage. Having worked several years as a self-employed Sports Therapist Naomi realised that her heart was still very much based in Mind & Body treatments and came back to her holistic roots. Naomi is qualified in many modalities including Deep Tissue, Hot Stone Therapy, Hands Free, Pregnancy Massage, Facial Trigger Point Massage & Indian Head Massage.

Naomi’s approach has adapted over the years and is heavily influenced by the deep forearm flow style of Lomi Lomi massage, much of her massage technique is ‘hands free’ enabling a naturally rhythmic therapeutic style, with little time during treatment where there is no contact between her and the client.

“I pride myself on creating a unique experience where upon I fell present to my clients during treatments. Being qualified in Holistic and Sports Massage means I can use a combination of techniques. No person is the same and each massage is different, each time, depending on their needs. The best part of my job is my clients. I love my clients and really enjoy creating a space for them to let go, unwind and feel comfortable as quickly as possible. I really care about them and this comes through in my treatments.”


Woody Edmiston

Woody is a leading Lifestyle and Wellbeing Coach with over 20 years experience, covering all aspects of Health, Fitness and Holistic Therapies. Woody practices different forms of massage, including Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Restorative Techniques. Alongside these Woody has been practicing the Bowen Technique for a similar period of time. More recently he has studied Bioenergetics through NESHealth and this year has qualified as a Reiki practitioner, under the guidance of one of the worlds leading Reiki Masters, Richard Ellis.

Woody’s mantra is that we are all here to grow as as we stand own the threshold of new beginnings, we sometimes need a little encouragement to open the right doors. By taking a 360 approach to wellbeing we can help you with making small changes, that will lead to greater more positive changes on your life. Micro changes become habitual as they form part of our daily practice.

The world we live in is driven by success, be it physical or intellectual, and often because of that drive we can forget a simple yet important aspect - that which gives us connection, both to ourselves and to others. With a passion for physical and mental wellbeing and the knowledge it takes to live a healthy lifestyle, Woody’s holistic approach to wellness provides you with what you need to maximise your potential and get what you want out of life.

“My career has incorporated coaching, sports therapy, nutrition and yacht racing. Having knowledge and understanding of individual clients needs helps them to become aster of who they are and how, together, we can establish and reach their goals.”


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